My Mum reappeard!
She called me, finally. She was really surprised i didn’t get her voicemail message where she was saying that her phone, for some reason, didn’t work anymore.
She is fine, she had great vacations and she’s back in Brussels for two weeks and then she going back to south again.
This time we are definatly going to see them for the long august 15th week-end! Sooo happy :)
I had an amazing week-end so far!
Yesterday we went walking around, the wheater was so nice and the sun is finally back!!
On the evening we went to a picnic on the docks. It was amazing, great time and laugh with friends. That kind of day makes you feel bless and really happy.
Today we going to Paris Plage since the sun is bright! Maybe try to find a ping-pong table since J. loves it and have a great dinner somewhere later.
Later :)

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