Happy Birthday My Love!

Dear J.

Today you turn 29. Which means we know each other for about half of our lives now.
I don’t really remember the first time i saw you, but i know you have always be with me.
I also remember every little things you made for me, when we were just friends, when we were teenagers, when we were young and stupid…
We shared laugh, adventures, secrets.
You were there, always.
( like the day when i was 16, you knew i left home with no jacket and you came at my summer job before going to school to bring me one of your sweater! )

I knew i could be in a place full of people, just a glance from you and i was instantly feeling confident.
In a way, you made my teenage years easy and fun. Even if i had a boyfriend back then, you were the one who confort me when i was crying, you were the one who cheers me up, you were the one who makes me feel beautiful and admire (even if i had a tacky look!) and you were the one who makes me laugh to tears.

A couple of years ago, i finally kissed you! Two months later, we were living togheter.
A year past.
Everything went fast. Then, we broke up. Big Black Hole…
We spent some time apart but that was just for a better and healthier reunion.

I try to forget those months for ever, and when i think about it, and i feel like my chest is ripping open, i look at you. Then i start breathing again. And the pain goes away. One day, i hope it wont hurt anymore.
For a long time i thought that part making our history imperfect. But i have realized that i was wrong.
Our history IS perfect. We are togheter for better or worst, and we know it, since through the worst we were.

You are the most important part of my life. Our story have no begining and no end.
I love you

Happy Birthday!!!


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