Blablabla, Thaïland

for days like this…

A few months ago, when i was in Koh Samui, Thailand with my sister and step brother, i remember one particular morning when we were at the beach.
It was a gorgeous sunny day, we were lounging by the sea, on a stunning beach, surrounded by the clearest and warmest water, and i told my sister : 
“Waow, look were we are…”
And we took a few minutes of silence to etch deep down in our memory the softness of the sand, the salty smell of the air, the relaxing sound of the water, this breathtaking landscape, this infinite wellness sensation, this calm, peaceful and perfect moment.
I knew i would need memories like this when fall and winter will come. To bring me calm, hope, courage and peace when i feel a little bit off. 
So more than once a day, i just close my eyes and get back in our little island just like that, in the blink of an eye. 

What do you do to cheer you up when you feel down? 
Does thinking about happy memories help you? 

More post about Thailand herehere and there is a few video on my YouTube Channel here 

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