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Mom’s new sofa And my Dunder Mifflin Shirt

Today is the day.
The day my mother’s new sofa will arrive. 
The delivery company was very clear on the phone yesterday, they will be here around noon.
And the employee says the exact same thing the second time she called “just to be sure”, ya know? 
So this morning she was up bright and (very) early. 
At 7am she was sipping her coffee quietly, staring by the windows, just in case… 
At 8:30 she starts cleaning the kitchen very kind of loudly 
I woke up, and lazily trot to the said kitchen where a coffee mug were waiting for me.
She says “Oh good, you’re up! The delivery guys are going to arrive”
Me : “Yeah… in four hours mom” 
Mom: “Well, with them you never know…” 
10min later she was cleaning my brother’s bedroom while he still was in bed, asleep. 
He lazily open one eye 
Mom : “Oh good, you’re up! i need you to remove the old sofa from the living room. The delivery guys are about to arrive” 
So we did. Well my brother did, i just fake it. 
Then, she vacuumed the whole living room, then vacuumed the whole floor, then vacuumed the sofa’s spot again. 
I’d try to tell her the floor was cleaner than my dentist’s office but she gave me the look.
The look that says : Don’t-you-dare-act-like-i-m-a-crazy-women 
So i backed up quickly. 
30min later i was quietly playing Halo when she says :
“Hum… so you’re still in your Pj…”
Me : “Yeup”
Mom : “What are you gonna wear today?”
Me : *Weird look* (she never ask that kind of questions, never) “…Dunno… Feel pretty good like this right now”  
Me : “Why?”
Mom : Well, the delivery guys are about to arrive
Me : “And…?” 
Mom : I don’t know, maybe one of them might be cute…
I’d forgot what it feels like to live with family again. That was just DA best reminder  :) 
Ps : In case you wonder, i’d stay in my pj, the delivery guys weren’t cute and my mom did get her sofa at noon  :D 
Pps : And for the records, it wasn’t any pj, i was wearing my Dunder Mifflin T-shirt, which is my all time favorite! 

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