Brussels, Family, Food

Le Schievelavabo

Friday night called for a little sister-sister night, so to the Schievelavabo we went.
And as usual i had THE hardest time deciding what to get. Seriously why can we just choose one (or five) bite of every meal? 
Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 
Anyway, as i am on a diet, i picked the Cobb salade which was REALLY tasty (hello wasabi!)
and Véronique has the Hawaïan salad.  
Are we wise or what?? 
This restaurant is one of my very favorite in Brussels, and my sister is my favorite person to go with. 
Can’t wait for next time!
(and next time i promise you, i’ll eat at least 2 meals and 2 dessert, oh and Nutella Crème Brulée, i’ve got my eyes on you. Oh Yes, i do!) 



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