Hello lovelies! 
Sorry for the lack of words yesterday, guess i was just really exhausted :) 
I came home around 1am on friday night (or saturday night technically) and told my mom everything about the trip. 
How Roma is gorgeous and full of wonders. How we walked  everywhere, how we visited every corner of the city, how we did some ‘oohhh’ and some ‘aahhh’ in front of every monument and last but not least how we took a million pictures. 

But i also told her how i didn’t really felt for that city. 
It is hard to describe and the fact that people we’ve met weren’t really nice didn’t helped (and of course i don’t imply that all italians or romans aren’t, by any means)
Little exemples? Well, we took a tour bus who never came to pick us up back. We waited for 2 hours on the freezing cold without a clue on how to get home, our hotel charged us 15€ every 24 hours for the Wifi without warning.
Also they kind of took advantage of the fact that we were tourists and asked us 8€ for a glass of coke -when 3 was writen on the menu- and 9€ for 3 slices of old, hard, disgusting bread than we didn’t asked for or even touched. They also suddenly decided to increase the price of every meal just after we ordered. And it wasn’t even on a touristic place nor in a fancy, classy restaurant. It was in an empty cafetaria where we were the only customers! 
And, i mean come on, i’ve lived in Paris and New York City, i’m used to rude and expensive but that was not okay! 
I hate complaining or whinning and i’m really happy and thankful that i was lucky enough to take that trip but i guess that I’m just a bit dissapointed.
i don’t expect to be treated like a princess because i’m a tourist in a foreign country but i think fairfull, respect, courtesy and honnesty can be so easily done… 
Oh well, there are FAR worst things in life, right?   :) 
And beside these little hiccups, all went great.  
And here are a few taken with my phone! 
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Rome Part II
Did you had some funny/disappointing travel experience?? 
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Rome Part II


8 thoughts on “Rome Part II

  1. finally someone who's not sugar-coat everything! Bloggers desperatly try to make people think their life is absolutely perfect all the time. i'm sick of all the sparkles and rainbows in the bloggy world. We need REAL stuff. Sorry but that comment shall remain Anonymous

  2. Don't worry, i'm pretty sure you gonna have an amazing time in Europe! Just be careful about the place you choose and follow the travel guide's intructions, is always safer :)

  3. How horrible that they kept trying to overcharge you! What was the name of the hotel so I can make sure to never stay there. I've only ever really had one bad travel experience (that I can think of anyway), it was in Lisbon. It seemed like everyone we encountered was rude. Not a nice experience. I hope the beautiful city and sites helped make up for the awful customer service :)

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