When it comes to Makeup, like every girl, i have my absolute favorite products (post about it soon).
Those who instantly make you feel pretty and confident.
But let’s face it, they are kind of pricey and since savings will be my priority for the next couple months, i had to come up with an alternative.

This alternative have a name : Eyes Lips Face!

I wasn’t sure i’ll be satisfied by the quality when i’ve order a couple of products a few months ago, but now it is safe to say that i’m completely happy about it and that i’ve bought almost every single item they have.

Their products are hypoallergenic, not tested on animals And i seriously still can’t believe that you can buy fine makeup for 3$.

My favorites products are the different kind of concealer, foundations, primer & shimmer, lipsticks and the nail polishes!

Here is a little video to show you my Night Out MakeUp, using exclusively E.L.F products (except the eyeliner who’s from l’Oréal).

Have you already try them? What’s your favorite item?

Some of these items have been sponsored.


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