Go to bed!



The past few years i had my sleep deprived periods from time to time. As soon as a new plan, new idea, new life’s direction, new opportunity knocked, insomnia came in. Did i already tell you that i am a BIG over thinker/analyzer?  I always have to be sure that every little details have been consider and that everything feels right. And when it’s not, i need to find a way to make it feel right.  These nights are exhausting, i’m telling you.

I used to stay on my computer really late at night, eyes glued on my 150 open tabs (slight exageration) until i drag my soar body to bed.

I have recently developed a new, healthier night routine who’s helping me relax before bedtime.


Now i turn off every electronic devices 45 minutes before bed time (as hard as it is sometimes). I carefully do my night skin care routine, i brush my teeth a few minutes longer, i strech my body a little, i put on a comfy and warm pajama and i read a good book. And by good book i mean something inspiring, positive, fun, joyful -find my books selection below- (no Stephen King, K?).

Also, when i turn off the light, it might sounds silly but i count my blessing. I think about all the good (big and small) things i have in life. I try to be more confident and to teach myself to let go. I cannot control and plan everything ahead and that is not failure. That is just life. Tomorrow is a brand new, bright white page, full of possibility. Wathever it is, that can wait until tomorrow.


And i do sleep like a peacful baby  :)


Here is my personnal selection of books :







What is YOUR night routine??

Xo, Julie ♥


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