Mother/Daughter day!


As i explain in this post, my mom did suffer from a serious lung disease. She has spent the last 6 months locked at home, under oxygene. I cannot imagine how its been like to be unable to do simple things, like going to the bakery or to the grocery store, to feel the sun on your skin or to play in the snow with your children.

The reason i came back home and left Paris, is to be with my family through this difficult time. We have been together to a ridiculous amounts of doctors appointments and the date of the surgery was finaly set. We couldn’t sleep or eat that day but we had to be strong and act confident for our 9 years old sister.

The surgery was made by one of the best surgeon in Europe and all went smoothly!

She’s now home. She needs a 3 months pulmonary rehabilitation but she’s cured. And she feels good! Oh Gosh, how amazing it is to have her back!!

See, In my family, we never go to hospitals. Nobody was never sick or have serious health issue before. Anyone of us never even have a surgery before (We all still have our wisdom tooth AND appendix!!) And i hope, wish and pray that this time was the last.

Today, i spent the day with my dear mom. Just the two of us. Our first little date since last june, when she came to see me in Paris. We ventured to the center of Brussels, went book shopping, ate the best chicory soup ever, talk and enjoy every little second of this thing called life.

I feel extremly blessed, extremly good and extremly happy today and i would like to take a minute to thank every people who are making a difference in this world, every doctor, medical student, nurse (oh the nurse, you guys are the best person in the world!), paramedics and so on… You are the true hero on this earth.

My heart is so very full. I love you guys.

Thank you for reading.












Julie ♥


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