How to fight a cold?




As a girl who’s hardly never get sick (knocking woods). I’ve taken note of simple cold-fighting tricks that will helps prevent the symptoms from arising. I know it’s a horrible feeling when you start to feel all congested, your throat becomes all scratchy and then the sneezes start and before you know it you’re laying in bed with a heavy head.


So, if you want to beat a winter cold, there is a few simple little tricks :


Vitamin D & E : Cold season is most popular during the months when there’s little sunlight, by taking vitamin D & E you will decrease your chances of a cold. You can find them in pharmacy but you can also find your daily doses in different fruits. I personnally am a big fan of kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, almonds & nuts. They may be easier to eat on the morning and can compose a great breakfast or snack.

Garlic & Ginger : I know some people really hates it but, this traditional home remedy can help ward off a cold thanks to it’s antiviral abilities.  If you don’t like the taste of it on it’s own, try cooking with it as much as possible. Garlic chiken pasta are to die for!

Sleep : Don’t ever understimate a full, good night sleep.  If you feel a cold coming, the best thing to do is sleep it out as this will boost your immune system. Put your comfiest and warmest pj (you know how much i love them!), and go to bed.

Zinc & Magnesium :  Always have some zinc lozenges ot magnesium caps on you, ready for when the first signs kick in. They can lessen the duration.

Drink Water : This will help cleanse your nasal passages and wash away bacteria. Hot tea is a good variation if you don’t like drinking water. My personnal favorites are Mint Tea or Black tea with a spoon of honey.

No Dairy :  If you are congested stay away from dairy. Dairy products help to promote mucus and it will become much thicker. No hot milk during a cold, honeybuns, ok?

*Also if you get a big nasty flue for several days, you might want to change your thoothbrush after. Bacterias might stick on the bristles.


Hope this was helpful  :)


Julie ♥

Photo source unknown (if you have informations, contact me)


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