What makes me happy lately



With this winter who doesn’t seems to end, the only thing who can cheer me up a little is:

  • A great smell. One of my all time favorite is Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari (first left on the picture)
  • Cute and colorful nail polishes!
  • My Nude eye shadow palette from Urban Decay
  • Trying to find the perfect lipstick
  • Cute hats
  • And the promise of an amazing summer…





Okay, sure, let’s be honnest, layers on layers on layers, 10 to 12 hours night & ski socks are the real deal here!

But hey, let’s stay glamourous  ;)

What does cheer you up by this long and cold winter?


Julie ♥


2 thoughts on “What makes me happy lately

  1. Jenny says:

    I live in California so i guess my winter have nothing to do with what you have to face in Europe but i’m pretty excited about summer too :)
    Great blog btw!!

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