i ♥ Paris



Whatever is a quick trip or a long stay it’s always  so nice to be back in Paris!

The weather was freezing cold, the rain was pouring half of the time and i saw the biggest rat of my life BUT i did had a great day!

I’ve spent time with two of my favorite people, i had a productive meeting, i went to one of my favorite bar : L’objectif Lune in Bastille and eat a delicious Emincé de veau sauce aux oignons in a little Brasserie!

Even the train ride was cool and enjoyable! Now, if the Thalys company would decide to lower their prices a little, that would be awesome… (You hear me Thalys? ;)

And tonight, i’m off the the beach with one of my ‘new’ favorite people for a late birthday week-end! I can’t wait.

Seriously, that day at work couldn’t pass fast enough.

Hope you all have great, fun, relaxing plans for this week-end!

I’ll be back with tons of pictures of the belgian sea next week

Take care  :)


Julie ♥

Pictures by me from last year *


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