Life as of late


You know those period where you have so much going on that you can’t even think straight? Of course you do (but let’s talk about me, K?)

Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here!

I have to move out from my appartment in Paris and bring back ALL my stuff here, Maxime have to move out from his place too, obviously. We needed to find new tenants for both our places, we have a big exam to pass at work (they aren’t kidding here!) in less than 2 weeks, and, of course, we’re juggling with a hundred stupid and annoying things in beetween.

I don’t even have time to watch  The last episod of The Office, how sick is that!

And the weather, Lord, the weather is THE worst.

I do really, badly, madly, need some sun, some light or i’m going to get craaazy!

But beside that,

Things are good! (Hello, i’m Bipolar)

We are almost ready to move in our gorgeous new appartment and start a brand new journey of life together, we are having little date night almost every night, we have discovered a delicious little turkish restaurant, i didn’t get sick once this year (Do you hear that weather?!! You can’t bring me down!), we’re looking for the destination of our next vacation and M. is taking me to a movie tonight.

So yes, life is stressful but oh so beautiful  :)

I just needed to write this down, actually.

i promise i will be back full (blogging) force really soon, and it’s gonna be gooood!

THANKS for reading this ramblings waves

Have an amazing week-end!


Julie ♥

*This picture is obviously from an other life time, when i had a tan.


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