Our Home

Morning light



When it comes to bedroom, as any of other room really, we like it bright and simple.

This appartment is having absolutely what we were looking for : High ceilings, wooden floor, big and breezy room and a lots of windows.

We were a little bump at first that we didn’t have white walls but i’m getting use to the beige

On the pictures you can see just half of the bedroom, because let’s be honnest the other part is still a mess

But i owe you a full tour as soon as i can find a place to store all my clothes & shoes!




I know, i know i read books from summer 2012 (even 2011 maybe?) But hey, better late than ever.

I didn’t read 50 shades of grey yet either (i can hear you gasp)

Oh, and by the way Mindy, if you read me (what?) i CAN’T believe that i’ve waited THAT long to read your hilarious book! Just loved it.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018



Julie ♥



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