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3 weeks ago

Without doubts, but with a little fear, i’ve quite my job

After a long talk with Maxime we agree that life is just too short to do something you don’t like, something who’s not worth invest your time and energy in

So i took a leap of faith

And i realised i don’t ever want to do something who makes me feel miserable and unhappy

As obvious as it may seems as easy as it is to just do the opposite

We just have one life, we better make it a damn good one, right?

Now it’s the time to make the right choice and take the right decisions for myself

I’ve come to wonder “Okay, so now, what do you love to do? What would make you happy girl?”

And the answer was kind of obvious :  Going back to the States, a giant Tiramisu and working in Graphic Design

Since the first two are out of reach for now, i’ll go with GD! I do love every aspects of the job!

It allows you to be creative, original, curious, to work on your own schedules, you can work from anywhere in the world, and requires as much time working with a team than alone (which is really what i need).

And here, in Belgium, the market isn’t as congested as it might be in the US

I’ve started to research Graphic Design program for adult and BOOM, found one and the best part? Starts in AUGUST!

I’ve called and had to take a full and super technic admission test

And man, it wasn’t easy!

On my way out i was SURE i failed (and i’m not a pessimist)

I had to wait 9 long days for the results

So i called yesterday, first thing in the morning and you know what??


I’m over the moon happy! And i can’t completely believe it yet (like they going to call and say something like : Uh, sorry, we mix up your results with someone else. You’re not accepted. Good Luck for the rest though”

So now, as soon as i come back from vacations, i’ll start full time and fully paid class (thanks to the awesome european educational system)

I feel so blessed, so lucky and so full of love and hapiness right now it’s almost ridiculous  :)

Cheers to brand new beginning!

Thanks for reading


Julie ♥




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