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I’m so happy that the week-end have finally started!

Of course 6pm on a friday is not the same since i don’t have a job anymore but i’m more than happy to be able to spend more time with my love!

We have a little date night at home planned for tonight, we are going to see a movie tomorrow (i want to see The Conjuring and he wants to see Jobs, so that will be interesting^^) and will spend sunday on the countryside visiting a chalet we have our eyes on since a couple of weeks!

I already know that next week will be crazy busy, between all the errands i have to run, crossing things off my to do list, saying goodbye and of course, making my suitcase!

I just have ONE week left before jumping on that plane and i don’t fully (or not at all really) realised that i will be gone for so many weeks, so soon.

I told myself like 3 times today “what are you doing?” “Is it for real?”

Anyway, don’t be fooled by my hesitant nature, i’m thrilled. THRILLED!

Hope you have a fantastic week-end!

And stay tuned to see me struggle with THE suitcase case, it will be a laugh  ;)


Julie ♥


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