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Lake Havasu

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After our time in San Diego we took the road to Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu is a small and really hot pretty little city where houses are gorgeous and people are the nicest!

We stayed for two nights at the most amazing Airbnb we had so far (they had their own golf course, WHAT?!) with a great family, we spent our time lounging by the pool, visiting and cruising around and chatting over a barbecue around the jacuzzi at night.


(Let’s forget the time when they ask us if we wanted to go hiking with them and we sayed yes. Hiking in Arizona, under a 100° at 7 on the morning, without having breakfast or any kind of snack, without proper hiking shoes or sneakers : wrong idea girls, WRONG IDEA! Don’t let my smile fool you, i wanted to curl under a rock and call my mom crying)

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