Bucket List


For now,  my life list will involve this :

– A road-trip across the USA
– Living by the ocean
– Scuba diving
– Go to Tokyo
– Buy my mom a house
– Surfing in Hawai
– Paint-ball game in the woods
– Drive a race car
– Swimming with dolphins
– Work from home
– Going to Coachella
– Being in a magazine
– Attend a charity event
– Meeting the cast of The Office
– Go to an american football game
– Traveling in south america
– Learning Krav-Maga
– Speak Spanish
– Have kids
– Living in NYC
– Go to India
– Getting married
– Taking my family to California
– Swimming outside at sunrise
– Rent a house with friends in Florida
Do a professional photoshoot
– Write a book
– Visit Thailand
– Learn to play Piano
– Walking bare foot outside for a whole day
– Own a vintage Chanel purse
– Christmas shopping in London
– Go to Bahamas
– Learn to use photoshop
– Living in Paris
– Driving alone on the Pacific Coast Highway
– Buy a house
– Flight in 1st class 
– Living in Los Angeles 
– Vacation in Tuscany with family
– Seeing my little sister graduated from college
– Having a yard with a hammock
– Go to a hockey game
Ice skating in Rockfeller Center
– Buy my brother a car
– Go to Las Vegas 
– Eat a rice burger in Tapei
– Seeing fireflies
– Meet other bloggers
Girl’s trip vacation with my sister
– Sleep under the stars
– Feed an elephant
– Run a marathon
– Make a perfect cheesecake
– Eat a real Thanksgiving diner
– Rent a cabin somewhere in the woods 
Going camping 
– Seeing sea turtles
– Complete a 18 holes at golf
– Visit the Harvard campus
– Speak perfectly english
– Attend the Camp Mighty
– Perform on stage
– Go to a ‘real’ trick-or-treat
– A cruise on a big and fancy ship

Speak your mind!

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