About Me


Hi Stranger,

29 years ago, my mom decided to call me Julie.  After being raised in Belgium, after ate thousand pounds of Belgian waffles and fries (sorry they are just not French!) and after having spent months in Los Angeles & New York City, i moved to Paris. I’ve lived in the city of light for 2 years and Paris will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m freshly back in Brussels for a few months and will be moving  to Canada (or better offer – Just kidding. Kind of) around april.

So for now i’m back at my mom’s,  i’m sleeping in my little sister’s pink bed and enjoy every minutes with my family (and the fact that i don’t do my own laundry anymore).

In Paris, I was working corporate in the financial department of Ladurée. I had a nice office, friendly co-workers, wearing jeans was strictly prohibited and wearing heels & makeup was clearly appreciate. Now i’m working for a bank, i spend my day on the phone, i don’t really have time to chat with my new co-workers but i can wear yoga pants and sneakers if i feel like it and i don’t have to pay for coffee.

It’s about the small things, ya know?

although, I’ve a degree in Criminology and my dream job would have been forensics (No, nothing to do with CSI). I’m fascinated by brain and i can’t figured out why people don’t use it more, sometimes.

My life is a fair mix of everything you can find on this blog – and much more.

I love Ocean, laughing, see my mom’s happy face, coffee, food, science, nail polish, antique jewelry, feathers, big trees, books, acting silly with my little sister and nieces, blue jeans, white shirt, technology, all things academic,  the idea of eternity, ladybirds, rain, Christmas, tvshows, Snow Patrol, foreign movies, run and jump like a kid, vidéo games, superhero, traveling, my gardian angel…

Unlike most of Blog-Girlz i’m not an absolute fashion addict, not a graphic designer, I’m  not married yet, i don’t have children yet, i’m not a great crafter, i hate cliché and with this blog i’m not going to pretend that my life is perfect. But…

…I’m born on St Patrick’s Day, i laugh at my own jokes, i always save room for dessert, i speak french and english and sometimes i pretend to speak Klingon, i’m indeed an undercover nerd, i think life is fun and it’s our duty to make the best out of it.

And, you know, Sometimes you just need a damn blog  ;)


So welcome to my little e-corner of the universe!

Ps: I also have a french blog over  here!



Julie ♥




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