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Happy New Year!

If this blog was a house, there would be dust everywhere, a pile of mail under the door and overall, a quiet abandon feeling.

Which is kind of sad because i love this little blog of mine!

The thing is, i had some big issue with wordpress lately and i can’t upload any pictures anymore.

And let’s being honnest a lifestyle blog without pictures is pretty pointless!

So until i have figured out what the hell is happening, i’m still writing my french blog (find it here) if you want to follow along!

2013 have come to end and this was one of the best ever for me!

It’s funny how i remember vividly wishing secretly, to find love, last year at midnight.

How could i have imagine than less than a month later, i would fall madly in love with an amazing man. Than three months later we would live together and that we’ve been inseparable ever since!

SO many things happend during these 12 months : Adventures, travels (i mean HELLO 6 weeks Road-Trip across west coast!), laughs, love, hope, family time, romantic getaways, new appartment, futur plans, …

So many reasons to be thankful for!

I’m pretty sure that 2014 will be AMAZING!

I mean how could it not be??


I’m excited, can you tell?!

I wish you all a VERY happy, joyful  and positive New Year!


Julie ♥




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Palm Springs

DSC_0269 DSC_0291

After Santa Barbara, who i have to admit was my favorite city, we headed to Palm Springs.

The road to Palm Springs is gorgeous and you can literally feel the temperature got higher and higher as you get closer.

An old friend of the family lives there since 15 years and she welcomed us with open arms in her pretty house facing the montains.

We were supposed to stay for 2 nights, following the recomendations we’ve got  (and i have to admit it is true, there is not a lot to do there) BUT after had traveling around and carrying your giant suitcase every 2 days you feel the need to settle and stay still for a couple extra nights. Which was pretty cool since the weather was amazing and we had more time to really explore the area*.

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I’m about to say something i never thought i would but… i’m kind of happy with the belgian weather right now.

Shoking, i know

Pretty much everyone feel depressed come the end of september

The constant rain, the freezing cold, the lack of light…

This year, i’ve decided to enjoy it

Enjoying things as they are

Identifying feelings

And this fall feels


The feeling of an end

And a soon new begining…

These promises keeps my heart full and warm

That’s all i need, really

Oh, and this song helps too…

How is your fall so far?


Julie ♥

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DSC_0009 DSC_0064

On the only rainy day we’ve experienced, we decided to skip the beach, hop in the car and drive to the Ojai valley.

I’ve heard SO many amazing things about that little city that i had to go see it by myself, and oh boy, it wasn’t dissapointing.

We mostly stayed in the car though, because by the time we get there it was raining heavily.

How i love the  smell of rain…

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Hey little fellas,

I’m just dropping by to say that i’m back in Brussels since tuesday and that i had the most amazing time in the States.

Here, we definitely are in the mist of fall and with november came the rain. Was i, a week ago, swimming under a 100° weather? Was it real?

It’s also weird to think that’s the very first time i don’t update my blog for weeks since, what, 2 years? But let me tell ya, blogging from the road is hard (especially with bad wi-fi!)

For now, I am way to busy to spend every minutes i have with my love but i’ll be back to the blogging world next week, with tons of stories and pictures.

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and i can’t wait to catch up on all my favorites blogs!



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Kayak & Sea Lions

DSC02357 Djouher Mecheri Julie Wevers Kayaking Marina Park Ventura DSC02360

We spent 2 nights on the cute little town of Ventura, located between L.A and Santa Barbara

I’m a sucker for small town and this one was really close to be perfect

A beautiful beach, great dinner places ( i can’t remember the name, but that seafood restaurant on Main Street is amazing!), many many great thrift stores, old theatre, incredible breakfast places and free Wi-Fi everywhere in the city!

Pretty much everything i need for a living :)

We also did a lil kayaking trip to see sea lions by a warm early sunday morning, here are the pictures!

DSC02362 DSC02365 DSC02385 Kayaking Sea Lion Buoy Oil Rig Boat Pelicans Favorite

DSC02435 Kayaking Ventura Keys DSC02438 Kayaking Ventura Keys